sorrowful eyes

sad, unhappy, dejected, regretful, downcast, miserable, downhearted, despondent, despairing, disconsolate, desolate, glum, gloomy, doleful, dismal, melancholy, mournful, woeful, woebegone, forlorn, crestfallen, heartbroken; informal blue, down in/at the mouth, down in the dumps

sorrowful news

tragic, sad, unhappy, awful, miserable, sorry, pitiful; traumatic, upsetting, depressing, distressing, dispiriting, heartbreaking, harrowing; formal grievous

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  • Sorrowful — Sor row*ful, a. [OE. sorweful, AS. sorgful.] 1. Full of sorrow; exhibiting sorrow; sad; dejected; distressed. This sorrowful prisoner. Chaucer. [1913 Webster] My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death. Matt. xxvi. 38. [1913 Webster] 2.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • sorrowful — index bitter (reproachful), contrite, deplorable, despondent, disconsolate, grave (solemn), lam …   Law dictionary

  • sorrowful — O.E. sorgful; see SORROW (Cf. sorrow) + FUL (Cf. ful). Related: Sorrowfully; sorowfulness …   Etymology dictionary

  • sorrowful — [adj] very upset; grieving affecting, afflicted, dejected, depressed, disconsolate, distressing, doleful, dolent, full of sorrow, grievous, heartbroken, heartrending, heavyhearted, hurting, in mourning, in pain, in sorrow, lamentable, lugubrious …   New thesaurus

  • sorrowful — ► ADJECTIVE 1) feeling or showing sorrow. 2) causing sorrow. DERIVATIVES sorrowfully adverb sorrowfulness noun …   English terms dictionary

  • sorrowful — [sär′əfəl, sôr′ə fəl] adj. [ME soruful < OE sorgful] full of sorrow; feeling, causing, or expressing sorrow SYN. SAD sorrowfully adv. sorrowfulness n …   English World dictionary

  • Sorrowful — Infobox He Man/She Ra Character|Alliance=#87CEFA Title=Sorrowful Name=Sorrowful Status=Alive Powers=Flight Fire breathing Affiliation=Adora The Great Rebellion Actor=Lou Scheimer Sorrowful is a fictional character in the animated television… …   Wikipedia

  • sorrowful — [[t]sɒ̱roʊfʊl[/t]] ADJ GRADED Sorrowful means very sad. [LITERARY] His father s face looked suddenly soft and sorrowful... Roy told his sorrowful tale with simple words anybody could understand. Syn: mournful Derived words: sorrowfully ADV ADV… …   English dictionary

  • sorrowful — adjective Date: before 12th century 1. full of or marked by sorrow < a sorrowful good bye > 2. expressive of or inducing sorrow < sorrowful eyes > • sorrowfully adverb • sorrowfulness noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • sorrowful — sorrowfully, adv. sorrowfulness, n. /sor euh feuhl, sawr /, adj. 1. full of or feeling sorrow; grieved; sad. 2. showing or expressing sorrow; mournful; plaintive: a sorrowful song. 3. involving or causing sorrow; distressing: a sorrowful event.… …   Universalium

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